Poverty Reduction

  • Youth Economic EmpowermentYouth Economic EmpowermentThe project aims to socially and economically empower disadvantaged youth and women in market oriented technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, confidence building and empowering skills necessary to improve their access to productive resources and sustainable earning potential.

  • Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Diagnostic Trade Integration StudyThe objective of the DTIS update is to provide a renewed perspective of trade priorities in Yemen taking into account the changes in the national and international environment intervening since the DTIS 2002.


We are focusing on responding to the development challenges of the transitional period and creating sustainable livelihood, economic empowerment and job creation for youth and women.

Partnerships are being fostered to address the most urgent population needs through initiatives for community revitalization that aim to urgently restore livelihoods and kick start productivity of affected communities through distribution of productive inputs, reintegration and other goods and services aiming at the empowerment of vulnerable groups.