Sustainable Natural Resources Management, II

What is the project about

SNRMAden Wetland

The project aims at reinforcing sustainable management of natural resources. It will capitalize on the achievements and capacities built in phase I and enhance them through the implementation of integrated interventions set focusing on:

  • Enhancement of national and local capacities for sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Improvement of women and local community livelihoods through skill enhancement, participation in income-generating activities and small businesses; and
  • Enhancement of general public and school children's awareness on environmental sustainability and protected areas.

What have we accomplished so far

  • National Strategy for Environmental Sustainability revised and finalized;
  • Gap Assessment Report of Yemen Protected Areas (Institutional Component) drafted;
  • The Jable Bura'a National Park (JBNP) declared by UNISCO as international Biosphere Reserve;
  • Mapping of Yemen protected areas completed;
  • Job Descriptions for EPA completed;
  • EPA website and EPA GIS system developed;
  • Electronic indexing system for EPA Library installed;
  • Information for EPA data-base partly collected;
  • Two awareness raising initiatives (international Biodiversity Year and Arab Environmental Day) implemented;
  • Awareness-raising strategy on PA formulated and approved;
  • The 40th anniversary of the World Environment Day (WED) was successfully celebrated by Yemeni government in cooperation with the SNRMP II and number of Business companies;
  • A national conference on green economy was successfully organized and supported by the project;
  • Yemen national report to the Rio+20 Conference developed and approved by the Government;
  • Two weeks training course on producing handicrafts from solid waste provided for 240 students from 46 of Al-Hodiedah schools;
  • Twenty three environmental school clubs successfully established in Al-Hodieda Governorate and Hawf District.
  • About 20 Awareness raising programs successfully completed for a total of 1000 students from Al-Hodieda Governorate;
  • Comprehensive awareness raising Programmes and environmental campaigns successfully implemented while celebrating the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity and the Arab environmental day;
  • Nine school environmental clubs in Al-Hodiedah successfully launched three days awareness raising program, celebrating the National Environment Day;
  • Five days study tour for a group of 18 students and teachers from Aden environmental clubs organized to Al-Hodiedah city & Bura'a PA;
  • A total of 180 students from Al-Hodeidah environmental school clubs successfully organized one day cleaning campaign of solid waste for Al-Katheeb sea beach;
  • A group of about 100 female students from al-Hodiedah successfully organized an environmental exhibition, displaying handicraft products made from solid waste;
  • A group of 120 students from the Social Welfare Home (Orphans) successfully attended one day lecturing session in in Al-Hodeidah,
  • Number of booklets, leaflets, brochures and posters distributed to the target groups during the two celebration events;
  • A Guideline for establishing environmental schools clubs developed and adopted;
  • Seventy students and teachers from Hodiedah and Hawf trained on the use of the guideline for establishing school clubs;
  • An environmental magazine distributed;
  • Members for PA management board and community-based management body identified for Hawaf PA;
  • A monitoring system of environmental changes in Yemen protected areas introduced and functional
  • Community-based management body established functional in Al-Heswa PA;
  • Three management plans for Aden, Bura'a and Hawf protected areas drafted and approved;
  • A guideline on formulation of protected area management plan developed,
  • A group of 50 persons, from EPA staff, members of SNRMP II management boards, local NGOs received four days coaching on protected area management, including the use of the guideline on formulation of protected area management plan;
  • Three feasibility studies to introduce small business schemes completed;
  • Four Training courses on income generation provided to 60 women from Aden and Hawf women groups;
  • 40 women from Aden and Hawf women groups trained on first aid;
  • A group of ten females from Hawf environmental clubs trained on handicrafts production, utilizing solid waste;
  • 50 women from Bura'a trained on First Aid, embroidery and drawing, coloring and grafting of Potteries;
  • Three Socio-economic studies for Aden-wetlands and Bura'a satisfactorily completed;
  • Four woman NGOs from Aden and Hawaf were provided with equipment for improving livelihood of women's society nearby protected areas
  • A total of 35 females split in three groups received three separate training courses on income generating activities mainly focused on delivery of Coiffure, Haircut and Henna services, and handicrafts production, utilizing solid waste.
  • A group of 30 persons trained on provision of ecotourism services in protected areas, applying a guideline developed by SNRMP II
  • A total of 150 females split in six groups received six separate training courses on income generating activities, including first aids, handicraft production, sewing, embroidery, and drawing, coloring and grafting of Potteries.

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