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Youth Observatory

Youth empowerment is central to the success of the transitional period in Yemen. Following a youth-driven protest movement that sought to bring about reform in the country, youth, who make up approximately 75% of the country's population, are currently in need of enhanced decision-making skills to increase their social, political and economic acumen.

In order to accomplish this goal, the United Nations Development Programme has developed, in tandem with national counterparts, the Youth Observatory, which will be staffed by youth and led by youth as they find common solutions to the problems they face during and beyond this transitional period.

The project aims to contribute to the achievement of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) outcome #6: "Engagement of young women and men in decision-making related to their own well-being enhanced", in particular the Country Programme Document (CPD) 2012-2015 target of "expanding institutional mechanisms for youth and women's participation in the transition period and decision-making."

By addressing these needs, the Youth Observatory will contribute by assisting the National Dialogue and its participants by improving their capacity to address the issues faced by young men and women in a changing Yemen.

What we have accomplished so far

  • The Youth Observatory is established and enabled to launch its activities.
  • A programme of policy and legal reform for youth designed and submitted to the Council for National Dialogue and the Cabinet.
  • Number of policy and legislative proposals developed and submitted.
  • National Youth Survey conducted and a national State of the Youth report issued.
  • Programme of policy and legal reform revisited and implemented.
  • Youth Monitor exercise is conducted and its results disseminated.

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