Support to the National Dialogue during the Transitional Period in Yemen

What is the project about

NDA workshop to revise a CSO Vision for ND 1

The National Dialogue Conference and the National Dialogue Phase of the transitional period in Yemen represents one of the most important and historical steps toward defining a new Yemen through peaceful means. As the National Dialogue comes on the heels of protracted conflict in Yemen, a new defining role for dialogue must be infused with transparency, inclusiveness and attentiveness to the needs of the citizenry in order for it to succeed.

UNDP - through its United Nations Peace building Fund project to support the National Dialogue and the National Dialogue Conference - seeks to enhance citizen engagement and citizen participation in the production of tangible and sustainable solutions to a myriad of issues and conflicts currently plaguing Yemeni society.

The National Dialogue Conference will be the primary link between the Yemeni public and the stakeholders representing their interests during this phase. The representatives will engage their constituencies in order to create tangible solutions that represent the publics' interest while taking into account the contextual environments of a number of segments of society.

While the conference is simply the primary tool for engagement as outlined by the Gulf Cooperation Council mechanism, it will be necessary for parallel processes to link into the conference to effectively influence the process on behalf of the Yemeni public.

UNDP will work in concert with representatives of civil society, non-governmental organizations, unions, tribal constituencies, and the media in the process of feeding into the dialogue and its outcomes while simultaneously educating and informing the public.

The conference, and its representatives, will be engaged in the process of effectively creating two-way methods of engagement for citizenry in order to create a new social contract that influences and shapes the modalities of government, the conflicts of the past, present and future, the constitution and its principles, and the social fabric of the nation as it journeys through this transitional phase.

What have we accomplished so far

  • The project organized a TOT on Public Debate and Negotiation Skills for 27 Civil Society Organization members in Sana'a from 18-24 April 2013, The twenty Seven Participants were nominated through the two Civil Society Organization Coalitions who are the current UNDP partners. The first one is called "The CSO Alliance for Supporting the National Dialogue." This alliance is led by the "Study and & Economic Media Center" SEMC. It has around 150 CSO members. The Second alliance is called "The CSO Network for Supporting the National Dialogue". It has around 250 CSO members. The CSO members for the two networks cover most of the governorates. Some of the trained trainers already have started to give training for their NGOs.
  • Draft a document on Vision of CSO on National Dialogue Conference (NDC). The project carried out this activity based on the ideas and contributions of the CSO Alliance for Supporting the National Dialogue and The CSO Network for Supporting the National Dialogue. The two CSO networks prepared 2 CSO visions on the NDC.  The drafts were discussed through a two-day workshop during 2- 3 April.  Thirty participants nominated by the two CSO networks through agreed criteria participated in the workshop. The workshop produced draft I of the CSO Vision on the NDC.  Draft I will be discussed in Hodeida and Aden through similar workshops. By this time the CSO vision will take its final shape ready to be submitted to NDC by the two CSO Networks. This will be followed up with advocacy activities within the ND process.
  • The National Dialuge Logo was also produced by th eproject.
  • 20 vidoes, 3 radio shows and 18,000 dialogue in box were also produced. 
  • The song played in the opening cermony of the National Dialogue on 18 March was also produced by the project.

Who finances it?

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United Nations Peacebuilding Fund

$ 345,524

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Dec 2012         

70,000 $US

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