Support to Human Rights during the Transition Period in Yemen

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Emerging out of conflict after a popular uprising against a long-standing president, Yemen is currently mired in a political transition that requires the aid of the international community to restore the Rule of Law (RoL) in the country. After Yemen's political unrest of 2011, and the signing of the Gulf Cooperation Council peace initiative in November 2011, the Republic of Yemen has embarked on a two-year transition agenda that seeks to stabilize the nation's social, political and economic environments.

Against the backdrop of this politically tenuous yet opportune time for reform, Yemeni authorities have requested the United Nations to implement a Joint UN Framework to Support the Transition in Yemen, 2012-2014, in order to provide assistance during this timeframe.

In explicit contribution to this transition agenda, UNDP has developed a broad strategic programme of assistance in the areas of Rule of Law, justice and security, human rights and transitional justice.

The Support to Human Rights and the establishment of independent Human Rights Institution will be one key outcome during this period, and building both the institutional capacity and the human capital for such an endeavour will be central to Yemen's transitional milestones. Restoring the Rule of Law and establishing mechanisms to buttress human rights will allow Yemen to begin the healing process from numerous protracted conflicts of the past.

What have we accomplished so far

  • A draft law for the establishment of the National Human Rights Institution is in place. The draft law has been consulted widely with civil society. 
  • Five workshops to discuss the draft law with civil society have been conducted in Sana’a, Ta’iz Hudaida, Aden, and Hadramout. The outcome of these discussions and suggested amendments are now being considered by the technical committee which was entrusted with the drafting the law. Comments and suggested from other NGOs and INGOs who have not taken part in these workshops have also been collected and are being discussed.

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