Multi-Donors Basket Funds to Support Elections during Transitional Period (SETP)

What is the project about

SETPVoting in the Early Presidential Elections 2012

In order to strengthen the electoral cycle by conducting fair, open and inclusive elections within the terms of the agreed Transition Initiative (signed in Riyadh on 24 November, 2011), the SETP project aims to support the Government of Yemen (GoY), and the Supreme Commission on Elections and Referenda (SCER) as it prepares for its next cycle of elections and referenda.

The project utilizes a two-phase approach to achieve its aims. While phase one was focused on technical and material support, in addition to public participation and information activities, to the early presidential elections (which took place on 21 February, 2012), phase two’s focus is on voter registration, the expected referendum on a new Constitution, post-referendum elections, electoral reform, as well as public participation and information initiatives.

The SCER and its staff require support at both the institutional and individual levels. This investment in human capital at the SCER as well as technical capacity building initiatives for the commission will be provided from a multi-partners basket fund to ensure coordination and cost-effectiveness as well as transparency during the coming phases of Yemen’s electoral cycles.

What we have accomplished so far

In the area of Elections, UNDP has been closely supporting the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referenda (SCER) in its mandate, stated in the GCC agreement, to create a new voter registry. It has done so through technical assistance, once it was established that the biometric voter registration approach would be the one preferred by the Government of Yemen, mobilizing a global team of highly specialized experts across the UN who provided within a record time (2 months).

UNDP is supporting the SCER in this $100 million endeavour with, amongst the others, the procurement of $17 million voter registration kits, working in a very tight timeline starting from the raising of funds in the Multi-Donor Basket Fund, which will be carried out in 60 days and is expected to conclude with a site validation test of the last 3 selected companies on 18 June. As a result, the voter registration process is expected to be launched nationwide beginning from September 2013.

UNDP brokered a difficult agreement between Government of Yemen and donors on the voter registry to be used for the 2014 elections in February 2014 next year. Procurement of key equipment is now underway. Overall UNDP handled a difficult situation well, balancing the needs of Government with donor red lines and funding limitations.

Who finances it?

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