Peace and Transition Support Project (PTSP)

What is the project about?

 Opening the training tour about planning and budgeting for MOLA MT Team " In the Picture appear Vice Minister of MOLA , Khaled Mageed program officer of UNDP and Abd-Allah Aldraibi coordinator of PTSP

Peace and Transition Support Project (PTSP) is a joint project between UNDP and UNFPA. PTSP was launched in April 2014 and continues through 31 December 2016.  PTSP is based at the Ministry of Local Administration (MoLA) in Sana'a.

The Project takes a peace building and state building approach, working with and through national systems to address the drivers of conflict, and signal state commitment to recovery. The project targets three conflict affected and at risk governorates, covering four districts in each of the selected governorates. 

What have we accomplished so far?

PTSP carried out a TOT training on Planning and Budgeting for Local development from 7-13 July at Movenpick.

24 officers from the Ministry of Local Administration Sana'a benefited from this course and 10 of them are  female. 

Who Finances it?

Donor name         Amount contributed per year $
UNDP 300,000
UN Peacebuilding Fund 2,000,000
European Union (EU) 1,586,207
Government of Yemen (GoY) 1,000,000

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