Advisory Support to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC)

What is the project about


The project’s overall aim is to support improvement in the capacity of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) to enable the Government of Yemen to effectively implement the poverty reduction and reform agenda (including the Developoment Plan for Poverty Reduction (DPPR), National Reform Agenda and the Paris Declaration).

The support covers two main areas: addressing short-term capacity gaps (in planning, aid coordination and policy development) and aiding in longer term organisational change to improve capacity within the Ministry. The project will contribute to developing an institutionalized system of participatory national and local development planning, by enabling the MoPIC to more effectively carry out its cores tasks of planning for the country’s development in an inclusive and participatory manner and mobilizing external resources in support of the said plan.

What have we accomplished so far

  • The project has been instrumental to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation especially the Macroeconomic, Studies and Research Sector, in which a macroeconomic unit was established, equipped and capacitated. This was in our collaboration with both The World Bank and UNDP Regional Programme that resulted to the installation of a specialized package “The Revised Minimum Standard Model Extended” (RMSM-X), which is used for the macroeconomic modeling, forecasting, simulation and measuring sustainability or in other words “macroeconomic projections system”. This package has been used for projection of resources for the annual preparation of the national budgets since 2010 and the fourth Development Plan for Poverty Reduction (2011-2015), as well as the Joint Social and Economic Assessment and Transitional Program for Stabilization and Development.
  • Development Aid Database (DAD) has been installed and the first Development Cooperation Report for Yemen, which captures the level of ODA utilization by sectors and regions, and the report will be published in 2013.
  • A second national Millennium Development Goals Report was prepared, launched and disseminated in 2010. The report indicated that Yemen is an off-track country, and the Government of Yemen was engaged under the umbrella of this project and prepared a “Fast Track MDGs Action Plan” to accelerate achievements of some of the MDGs goals, which was also part of annex IV of the fourth Development Plan and Poverty Reduction. However, the fourth Development Plan and Poverty Reduction and the Fast Track MDGs Action Plan were overtaken by the Transitional Program for Stabilization and Development (2012-2014).
  • Preparation of the fourth National Human Development Report focusing on the status of human resources in Yemen was commissioned and the report will be published in 2013. So far, two cluster workshops were conducted the remaining two to be carried out during third quarter of 2013. Internal and external peer review of the draft report was carried our prior to the cluster workshops and peer review comments have been incorporated in the report.
  • The project provided technical support for the preparation of the “National Partnership Policy” and A Partnership to Improve the Flow and Absorption of External Assistance to Yemen”, which were instrumental for the Donors’ Conference and Friends of Yemen Meetings that took place in 2012 and for the preparation of Mutual Accountability Framework under the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in collaboration with the World Bank. Moreover, a joint on line working space was established under a Yemen Sustainable Development Platform

Who finances it?

Donor name

Amount contributed per year $US

TRAC 62,307

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Dec 2012         

1,576,752 $US

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