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Justice Yemen
  • The project provide support to Human Rights and the establishment of independent Human Rights Institution as a key outcome during this period, and to build both the institutional capacity and the human capital for such an endeavor to be central to Yemen's transitional milestones.

  • The project will support and actively encourage compliance with international norms and standards; take account of the political context when designing and implementing transitional justice processes and mechanisms; align assistance on transitional justice to the Yemeni context; and strengthen national capacities to carry out community-wide transitional justice processes.

  • The Emergency Capacity Development Facility (ECDF) is the United Nations Development Programme‘s response to develop and deliver such assistance during Yemen’s transitional phase. It was launched in May 2012 as a multi-donor platform to support key public sector institutions (i.e. President and Prime Minister Offices, Ministries of Planning, Finance, Industry and Trade, and Interior) to deliver on their mandate during the transition period and contribute to the implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) Implementation Mechanism and of the Government Transitional Program for Stabilization and Development (TPSD), 2012-2014.

  • Multi-Donors Basket Funds to Support Elections during Transitional Period (SETP) project aims to support the Government of Yemen (GoY), and the Supreme Commission on Elections and Referenda (SCER) as it prepares for its next cycle of elections and referenda.

  • UNDP - through its United Nations Peace building Fund project to support the National Dialogue and the National Dialogue Conference - seeks to enhance citizen engagement and citizen participation in the production of tangible and sustainable solutions to a myriad of issues and conflicts currently plaguing Yemeni society.

  • The project aims to contribute to the achievement of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) outcome #6: "Engagement of young women and men in decision-making related to their own well-being enhanced", in particular the Country Programme Document (CPD) 2012-2015 target of "expanding institutional mechanisms for youth and women's participation in the transition period and decision-making."

  • The project’s overall aim is to support improvement in the capacity of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) to enable the Government of Yemen to effectively implement the poverty reduction and reform agenda (including the Developoment Plan for Poverty Reduction (DPPR), National Reform Agenda and the Paris Declaration).

  • The programme aims to build national capacity in the health sector as well as other sectors and Civil Society, through the placement of international technical advisors and consultants to provide hands-on training to national counterparts, procurement of services and goods, and institutional support for ongoing activities

  • This assessment’s key objectives are to conduct a political economy and drivers of change analysis of the informal and formal governance structures in Yemen and to explore the prospects for how best these two systems can work together.

  • Peace and Transition Support Project (PTSP) is a joint project between UNDP and UNFPA. PTSP was launched in April 2014 and continues through 31 December 2016. PTSP is based at the Ministry of Local Administration (MoLA) in Sana'a.

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