Multi-dimensional Livelihoods Assessment in Conflict Affected Areas

What is the project about

Multi-dimensional Livelihoods Assessment in Conflict Affected Areas

The project aims to undertake a comprehensive Livelihoods Assessment in conflict affected and most vulnerable governorates in Yemen. The results of the Assessment will inform the design and development of two year Livelihoods and Local Economic Recovery Programmes for affected households, especially women and youths (girls and boys) in key governorates in the country.

The assessment will also enable the Government of Yemen, UNDP and other UN agencies, as well as other development partners in the country to establish baselines and a monitoring and evaluation system to track livelihoods trends including the impact of livelihood programmes in Yemen.  The assessment results are also important for evidence based development of Government’s priority actions in support of crisis affected Yemenis who yearn for quick peace dividends to sustain the peace in the country. 

The assessment results for the livelihoods, governance and conflict assessments will be compared and analyzed together to identify areas of complementarily in programming process.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Training course of national teams (field researchers) Sana’a, 5 – 8 May 2013 . The training course of national teams aimed to train field researchers on the  various tools of the field survey of the livelihoods needs assessment in 5 governorates: Saa’da, Amran, Hajjah, Abyan and Taiz. The tools consist of: (1) Households questionnaire; (2) Focus groups discussions (FGD); and (3) Semi-structured interviews.
  • Training on data entry: The data processing expert provided the participants with the SPSS program and the methodology for data entry. An in-depth training on data entry and the use of the software was conducted for 6 participants representing the 5 governorates (2 from Taiz).

Who finances it?

Donor Name Amount contributed per year $US
UNDP 250,000
BCPR 300,000

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