Integrated Social Cohesion and Development

What is the project about

Integrated Social Cohesion & Development Participation in School Extension is Part of the Conflict Resolution Projects

The project aims to enable communities to address and transfer conflicts to development actions and demonstrate  appropriate and sustainable approach to conflict transformation at the community level.

Project Components:

  1. Building capacities for dialogue; implementation and reform (NL);
  2. Building confidence and Empowering communities to implement the project;
  3. Local Government capacities strengthened for supporting the project effort;
  4. Enhancing and activating role of Academia in support of project’s implementation.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Building the capacities of NGOs and community on conflict resolution and conflict sensitive development
  • Conducting and distributing conflict resolution and conflict sensitive development training manual
  • Selecting 18 trainers from 10 NGOs in Crisis Resolution/CSD
  • Providing 295 Community Leaders with skills in conflict analysis where they applied the CR/CSD in their communities
  • Creating partnership among CDCs, LCs and the NGOs is in place
  • Identifying 54 conflict cases in the two governorates
  • Benefiting 1208 families in Ibb districts through the implementation of seven conflict resolution projects in the field of education, waste water and sanitation, solid waste management, drinking water supply
  • Implementing 99 livelihoods activities listed by the NGOs and CDCs including: Beekeeping, poultry farming, animal husbandry, recycling plastic waste and sewing etc
  • Building capacity of 26 CDC members on how to conduct economic feasibility studies for livelihood activities, 18 feasibility studies conducted and submitted.

Who finances it?

Donor Name
Amount contributed per year $
UNDP BCPR 2011/2012   
$US 250,000




US$ 300,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Dec 2012        

 $US 250,000

Dec 2011

 $US 158,434

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