Community Driven Early Recovery in Sa'ada

What is the project about

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The Community Driven Early Recovery programme seeks to contribute to the Government of Yemen’s plans to stabilize the situation in Sa’ada and advance peace through initiating emergency action plans for reconstruction and recovery while at the same time laying the ground for a longer-term economic and social development agenda. 

In order to complement local and national efforts, UNDP and its partners are set to achieve the major outputs and indicative interventions elaborated as programme components below.  These will be achieved through a community driven participatory approach including capacity development of local government and CSOs/NGOs to help facilitate the recovery process.  As such, capacity building will be an important cross cutting element of the programme to enhance the capacities and facilitation skills of the participating civil society organizations in mobilizing, organizing and supporting the communities’ recovery efforts; to build the capacities of local government to respond to the community initiatives; and to empower the communities themselves to carry out recovery activities that bring direct results and benefits to the people.

These capacity building activities are largely concentrated in Component 3 below as pertaining to civil society, local government and the communities, but are also included in the other components to enhance agricultural, vocational and entrepreneurial skills and to strengthen the role of women and youth in the recovery process.

Programme Components and Indicative Interventions:

  1. Livelihoods of affected people stabilized through improved agriculture productivity and income generation;
  2. Early local economic recovery through improved micro and small enterprises and key infrastructure rehabilitation ;
  3. Improved local government, CSOs/NGO and communities' capacity to plan, facilitate and execute recovery in Sa'ada; and
  4. Gender equality, women and youths' socio-economic empowerment strengthened.

What have we accomplished so far

  1. Distribution of 240 MT of fertilizer and 120 MT of seeds to the poorest and most vulnerable farmers in Sa’ada. (2012)
  2. Rehabilitation of three health units
  3. Finalize the work plan and budget for sustainable livelihood projects (July – Dec 2013)
  4. Carry out capacity assessment for potential partners in Sa’ada
  5. Identification of potential local partners
  6. Start the process of Livelihood Assessment in Sa’ada

Looking to the future

  1. Encourage donors to support the agriculture and livestock sector in Sa’ada, which will help more than 80% of the population. UNDP will take the initiative to collect up to date data.
  2. Continue to support the vulnerable hh, woman, and youth by sustainable livelihood means.
  3. Encourage the community to understand the relationship between unemployment, poverty, radicalization and conflict.
  4. Support developmental inventiveness.

Who finanaces it?

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Delivery in previous fiscal years

Dec 2012

 $US 480,218

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