Capacity Development for National NGOs

What is the project about

The context in Yemen has changed significantly over the last few years. The country has faced repeated conflict and crisis since 2004, which generated a different set of needs and tested the population’s capacity to cope, especially among the most vulnerable. The root causes of conflict and disputes are the lack of equal development, real freedom, citizenship and lack of access to basic social services, which raise the issue of equity in the distribution of resources and underpin the need for a long term development vision.

In the wake of mass protests in other countries in the Middle East, popular demonstrations started in Yemen in late January 2011 resulting in demands for a more responsive and legitimate government. Since, continuous pro and anti-regime mass protests have taken place throughout the country, which ended by signing of the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism in Riyadh, Saudi Arabian on 23 November 2011.

National NGOs are required to play a central role in the future of Yemen as partners of other agencies in delivering ‘dividends of peace’, to support the transition, by providing humanitarian and development services, as advocates for positive change and protection of human rights and as ‘watch dogs’ of the unfolding transition process.

Their presence in the field, knowledge of the working environment, access to volatile security areas, as well as their positioning within community networks constitutes a significant comparative advantage. The project will also influence these standards into the new NGO Law/Bylaws in order to ensure the international standards are maintained by national NGOs. 

What have we accomplished so far

  • 60 GB NGO's in ( Haja , Sa'ada ,Amran ,  Aden , Apyen , Al-bedha  ) identified to build their capacities to be professional partners to all stake holders to be able to deliver required support humanitarian and development to the needy  population in their related governorates.
  • Enhance partnership between  UNDP, INGO's  , Humanitarian  Forum and  Social fund to build national NGO's at the governorates level  to be able to response early recovery and rapid sustainable developments in post conflict areas.
  • Established r0str  of BG  NGO,s which are reliable ,  sustainable and professional partners  

Who finances it

Donor name Amount contributed per year $
PBF 1,000,000
ERF 457,596.20

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