Voices of Yemen

05 Jul 2015

Hajjah city, Abs and Haradh districts

Residents of Hajjah city, Abs and Haradh districts are extremely concerned about how to live, they call for security; access to drinking water and food commodities, and securing fuel and shelters for IDPs. IDPs’ families are split up if they are hosted by relatives since the prevalence of a conservative culture frowns upon coexistence. Men have to search for other housing options leaving the women with their hosting families. They sometimes rent a house but renting has become very expensive. An alternative is to search for a public building as a temporary refuge.

“Voices of” is a series of community-level consultations led by UNDP in Yemen using inclusive focus group discussions that seek to: identify their fragilities, prioritise opportunities and challenges, and highlight the vulnerability of community livelihoods assets to sustain the crisis.

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