Poverty Reduction

  • 3X6 Approach for Youth Economic Empowerment Project3X6 Approach for Youth Economic Empowerment ProjectApr 21, 20133x6 has been successfully implemented in post-conflict Burundi over the past years with the support from the Japanese Government. The UNDP “Youth Economic Empowerment Project” is implementing this new approach in Yemen.

  • Japan and the Arab States: Partners for DevelopmentJapan and the Arab States: Partners for DevelopmentOct 19, 2013In 2013, UNDP and the Government of Japan marked two decades of cooperation to promote development in Africa through the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD). Nine UNDP offices in the Arab region are located in Africa and have benefited from this partnership.

  • Youth Economic Empowerment Project (YEEP) Innovative Nov 6, 2013The Youth Economic Empowerment Project (YEEP) is the United Nations Development Programme‘s response to assist the Government of Yemen in providing youth with tangible benefits of the transition process through job creation. It falls under pillar II of the Mutual Accountability Framework (MAF) entitled "Create Employment Opportunities particularly for Youth and Women".

  • Yemen Poverty Assessment Report 2007Yemen Poverty Assessment Report 2007Mar 1, 2007From what was historically known as “Arabia Felix” – a land of prosperity and happiness – Yemen has become the most impoverished among the Arab countries. The government of the united Yemen, formed in 1990, has launched so far three five-year economic reform plans with the goal of restoring Yemen’s prosperity. Have these effort succeeded? What policies are needed to further reduce poverty? The Poverty Assessment report aims to answer these questions

  • Macroeconomic Policies for Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction in YemenMacroeconomic Policies for Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction in YemenJun 12, 2005This report on the Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction in Yemen is part of a global UNDP-supported project that started in 2001 and has grown to encompass policyoriented research, advisory services and capacity development in 25 developing countries. Among the Arab States, UNDP has supported similar studies in Morocco, Sudan and Syria.


We are focusing on responding to the development challenges of the transitional period and creating sustainable livelihood, economic empowerment and job creation for youth and women.

Partnerships are being fostered to address the most urgent population needs through initiatives for community revitalization that aim to urgently restore livelihoods and kick start productivity of affected communities through distribution of productive inputs, reintegration and other goods and services aiming at the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

By strengthening youth and women resilience and improving their adaptive capacities through pre-emptive measures, we are making contribution to prevent future escalation of grievances and tensions among youth and women and thus to enhance peace building, political, economic and social stability.