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19 Jun 2013

On 23 Nov. 2011, the Yemeni government and the opposition signed the GCC Agreement, a political agreement initiating a phased transition which will culminate in a democratically-elected parliament and president under the terms of a new constitution.


UNDP’s Programmatic roles during the transitional phase will focus on: (i) Stakeholder Empowerment, particularly youth, women and local NGOs: (ii) Reconciliation and Recovery, particularly in conflict affected areas but also in areas across the country where the risk of local conflict enflaming national tension is high: (iii) Development Partner Coalition.


In accordance to the GCC Implementation Plan’s request for UN support, UNDP in collaboration with the agencies of the UN system and the international community will provide technical assistance, institutional capacity development and support to empowerment and inclusive processes, and coordination assistance to the Government and the international community in the areas of (1) Political and National Dialogue; (2) Democratic Governance (including elections, constitutional change, electoral reform, referendum and decentralisation); (3) Rule of Law; and (4) Economic Stabilization (Sustainable Livelihoods) and Basic Social Services; (5) development of civil society institutions especially local NGOs; (6) coordinate Early Recovery activities across the full spectrum of stakeholders.

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