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  • Sep 19, 2018

    YEMAC, with UNDP’s support, will establish a remote system of collecting information, collate available data, publish findings and update online sources as new information becomes available, deploy teams to conduct technical and non-technical surveys to accurately define the heat-map findings and update information Management System for Mine Action

  • May 2, 2018

    In January and February 2017, EECR Cluster partners released around 1,969,106 sq. m of land through mine and ERW clearance and survey in 37 Districts (14 Governorates). Around 545,987 people directly benefited from survey and clearance activities.

  • Aug 17, 2017

    The 24-month Emergency Crisis Response Project (ECRP) aims to mitigate the impact of the current crisis on local households and communities and assist their recovery from the bottom-up using local systems, capacities and institutions to progressively resume and scale-up service delivery. The project will achieve specific results in: 1) Increasing sustainable employment and livelihoods opportunities, including health and education; 2) Reviving the agricultural sector through support to key value chains. As such, the project contributes to the livelihoods restoration and service delivery restoration components of UNDP’s Yemen Resilience Programme. The Project’s Theory of Change assumes that if income-generation and livelihoods opportunities are increased for youth and women (including IDPs), Yemeni households and communities will be able to better cope with the impact of the current crisis and be strong drivers of the resilience-building and recovery efforts.

  • Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) Fact Sheet <i>2016</i>
    Jun 19, 2017

    Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) Programme is a joint-initiative funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by FAO, ILO, UNDP and WFP in four governorates in Yemen (Hajjah, Hodeidah, Lahj and Abyan). The three-year joint programme aims to enhance the resilience and self-reliance of crisis-affected rural communities through support to livelihoods stabilization, food security, local governance, social cohesion and improved access to sustainable energy.

  • Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project Fast Fact Sheet - May2017
    Jun 4, 2017

    The Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YECRP) is funded by the World Bank and implemented across the 22 governorates of Yemen by UNDP in partnership with the Social Fund for Development and the Public Works Project. YECRP aims to mitigate the impact of the current crisis on local households and communities and assist their recovery through increasing short-term employment and livelihoods opportunities, restoring key service delivery through small-scale infrastructure, and reviving the local private sector.

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