Protected Areas in Yemen

26 Dec 2010

Government of Yemen has paid great attenstion to environmental issues to maintain natural resources and biodiversity due deterioration faced.The Environmental Protection Council was established in 1990 and then issuing the Environmental Protection Law No. (26) of 1995 and its Implementing Regulations No. (148) for the year 2000 which was followed by the establishment of the General Authority for Environmental Protection in 2001. Yemen also signed many environmental agreements (Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention to Combat Desertification, the Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on maintaining the fungal species migratory, Aagreement about endangered species CITES and other environmental conventions).
General Authority for Environmental Protection works in the preparation of legislation and laws and strategies that ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity and reduce the pollution. The National Strategy for Biodiversity was issued, as well as the Declaration of protected areas of natural significance of environmental and unique and rich biodiversity .

This simplified guide about the natural reserves in the Republic of Yemen as part of the environmental studies which is published by the Authority (represented by the program sustainable management of natural resources and funding from the UNDP).

This manual is an upgraded and updated version of the Natural Reserves Guide in Yemen, which has been issued by the the program of sustainable management of natural resources in 2005. It contains the same information with  some updated information.

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