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  • International Year of Biodiversity Celebrations in 2010
  • Drops Magazine
    Jan 26, 2012

    It is a platform that brings the practitioners responsible for planning and management to share ideas and experiences in water resources management in addition to exploring the societies’ long-term needs for water resources while maintaining essential ecological services and economic benefits.

  • National Capacity Self-Assessment Report
  • The 4th National Convention on Biological Diversity Report
  • Waterfowl in Aden - Instruction manual
    Jun 26, 2010

    This manual contains a simplified explanition for some waterfowl in the province which might contribute awareness raising among the public, students and interested and bird watchers, as of the fact that this type of bird (waterfowl) numbers in a steady decline as a result deteriorating environments due to development, especially the randomly development through backfilling of coasts and waterbodies. Waterfowl are known as the varieties of birds that its life (at any stage feeding, nesting, breeding, multiplication ) is related to water like Swamps, beaches, seas, lakes, marshes and others.