The Yemeni Journal of Human Rights

31 Dec 2013

This issue of the journal coincides with the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and contains useful articles on pertinent issues such as "The harmonization of National Laws with International Treaties signed and ratified by Yemen", and "Legal Reform on Human Rights Issues".

Such articles, and the Human Rights Journal, more generally are important tools for human rights practioners and activists. They help in spreading human rights knowledge and promote human rights awareness.

In 2010, the UNDP together with the UNFPA and the Ministry of Human Rights conducted the Human Rights Awareness survey, which showed the need for ensuring that human rights materials such as this Journal continue to be produced and disseminated widely. In this regard, The Support to Human Rights During the Transitional Period Project is willing to continue to support such activities and assist in the production of future issues.

The Project comes at this important juncture in Yemen's history to provide essential support to address the human rights challenges in Yemen. The project seeks to strengthen civil society organizations capacity on human rights, enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Human Rights, and support the establishment of an Intendant National Human Rights Institution, as well as engage civil society organizations and the Ministry of Human Rights in advocacy initiatives to affect human rights change in the country.

Supporting the Human Rights Project hopes that by supporting the Journal, important articles that provide much needed analysis of gaps and suggest improvements can be made available to activist.

Future issues of the Journal should continue to be relevant and focus on the human rights situation and the prevailing debates, and discuss the challenges and opportunities to improving the human rights situation in Yemen.   

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