Building Yemen’s capacity during the transition period

17 Dec 2013

ECDF Brochure

In November 2012, ten months of confrontation between Government and opposition forces came to an end with the signing of the Gulf Co-operation Council Implementation Mechanism Agreement that established a two-year political and security transition agenda and outlined an ambitious political and socio-economic set of reforms.

In little more than 2 year, the Government of National Unity is called to

-  Establish and implement an initial programme of economic stabilisation and development and address the immediate needs of the population in all regions of Yemen;

-  Ensure the orderly fulfilment of government responsibilities, including local government, in accordance with the principles of good governance, rule of law, human rights, transparency and accountability;

-  Call and hold a national and inclusive Conference for National Dialogue with the participation of all political parties and actors and undertake constitutional reforms that will address the structure of the state and the political system and submit the reformed constitution to the Yemeni people in a referendum;

-  Reform the electoral system and conduct elections for the House of Representatives and presidential elections if the new constitution so provides.

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