Human Rights Public Awareness Survey in Yemen

01 May 2013

The main achievement of the survey is that it has produced, for the first time in Yemen, a reliable set of findings about the state of human rights awareness among the public in Yemen.

The survey questionnaire was developed through a participatory and inclusive process. Human rights NGOs, CSOs, academia, relevant Government ministries and development partners were invited to two consultative meetings to provide input and feedback on the survey questionnaire.

The survey provides a wealth of knowledge on the awareness of, and attitudes towards, human rights and human rights institutions in Yemen, including areas where improvement is needed. The aim of the survey was to lay the groundwork for developing human rights policies and programmes by providing baseline data which can be used to) identify important human rights needs and gaps, b) monitor and evaluate the impact of human rights interventions and c) track changes over time.

The survey instrument was therefore devised to strengthen the understanding of human rights awareness among the public, as part of an effort to better equip the MoHR and relevant stakeholders inidentifying and addressing issues and challenges surrounding the realization of human rights in Yemen.

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