Toolkit to improve mud building resistance to rain and floods

01 Dec 2012

On 24 – 25 October 2008, floods and heavy rains caused one of the most serious natural disasters in Yemen in the last decades. The most affected areas are in the Governorates of Hadramout - both the valley (Wady Hadramout) and the coastal areas (Sahel Hadramout) and Al-Mahara. 73 people were killed and over 3,000 families internally displaced, corresponding to 20,000 – 25,000 persons.

The floods caused significant damage to houses, infrastructure and the agricultural sector destroying or considerably affecting the livelihoods of about 700,000 people. The floods also washed away area already marked for landmines, rendering the whole Wady an unsafe area. The floods and resulting disaster have created tensions and frictions due to loss of land registration documents, the disappearance of proper land demarcation and settlement issue of returnees.

This Toolkit aims to improve mud building resistance to rain and floods in Wadi Hadramout.

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