Market Assessment

04 Feb 2018

Aden, Yemen - 2017

This paper presents the results of the market assessment in the districts of Crater, Mualla, and Tawahi in the city of Aden. This assessment aimed to determine the market gaps and the opportunities available for emerging microenterprises by women and youth, in addition to the most important challenges and threats that face small and micro-enterprises. The study also listed 25 innovative products and services that are most in demand and are not being provided by the market now, and represent opportunities for youth and women.

The study was carried out during the period from May to June 2017. In order to achieve the goals of the assessment, a common quantitative and qualitative approach was used, in addition to a participatory methodology, in order to get data and information. Thirty-one interviews were carried out with a wide range of individuals, including people from the local authorities, the local councils, influencers in the local communities, civil society organizations and international and local NGOs, training services providers, and other concerned parties.

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