Humanitarian Response Plan 2012

18 Jun 2012

Yemen is facing a complex emergency that includes widespread conflict-driven displacement and a slow-onset crisis in food security, malnutrition and outbreak of communicable diseases, particularly water-borne diseases.

In the north, the vast majority of long-term internally displaced people (IDPs) displaced by six rounds of conflict in Sa‘ada remain in displacement due to fears of insecurity, damaged homes, a lack of livelihood opportunities and poor basic services. In the south, recent fighting between security forces and insurgents has additionally displaced nearly 90,0001 people.

The influx of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers from the Horn of Africa continues, driven by conflict and famine. Civil unrest, in some instances involving high levels of violence, has severely disrupted the delivery of basic social services, exacerbating widespread and chronic vulnerabilities.

Weak economic growth, a growing trade deficit, and an unstable national currency have exposed the population to rising global food and fuel prices. A
delayed political settlement to the current stalemate could trigger further conflict across the country which would only deepen the humanitarian crisis.

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