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WASH Emergency Crisis Response Project - Fact Sheet

UNDP has partnered with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to implement the US$ 3 million WASH Emergency Crisis Response Project to improve quality water sources, and…  

SNAPSHOT: A water tank allows children to return to school in Asdas, Yemen

A water tank allows children to return to school in Asdas, Yemen  

SNAPSHOT: Providing safe access to water

In the village of Alarrah in the northwest of Amran, Yemen, people rely on agricultural production to make a living. Their main source of water, however, is an old rain water pond that fills up over…  

SNAPSHOT: Risking Lives for a Drop of Water

Samar while going about her normal routine of collecting water with her friends.  

SNAPSHOT: Access to water helps ensure proper sanitation

Ten-year-old Saleh loved school, but was forced to stop attending his classes because of the lack-of-water supply to his village, Al-Raqqa, in Hajjah District. He and his father, Hilal Sweid, took…  

Simple initiative quenches thirst and brings life back

Like many other villages in the Yemeni countryside, Al-Hamami village lacked basic services – including access to clean drinking water. The situation improved slightly during the rainy season, when…  

Drops Magazine

It is a platform that brings the practitioners responsible for planning and management to share ideas and experiences in water resources management in addition to exploring the societies’ long-term…  

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