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Searching for a Place to Call Home

Amna’s situation has improved dramatically since joining the cash-for-work project that is being implemented by the Social Fund for Development (SFD) in partnership with UNDP.  

Country Programme Framework

At the end of 2018, in the context of on-going conflict and a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Yemen decided to adopt a two-year bridging…  

Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen

The project helps rural people and communities in Yemen to better cope with crises, risks and shocks.  

Yemen Emergency Crisis Response (World Bank)

The project will support Yemeni households and communities cope with crisis, recover from negative impacts, and gain confidence in the ability of their national partners.  

Samiah: Caught between war and displacement

Samiah hopes for peace to prevail in Yemen and that the war will come to an end soon. She tells us of her story fleeing war in hopes of a better life, and how she found that life come to reality…  

YECRP: A ‘New Way of Working’ to help the Yemeni people in Conflict-ridden Yemen

The impact of YECRP across Yemen has been tremendous, helping the Yemeni people regain access to key services, earning wages to allow them to purchase basic needs for themselves and their families,…  

In depth

With Japanese funding, UNDP provides business training for 600 people

Sana’a, Yemen – Made possible by funding from the Government of Japan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Yemen has partnered with the For All Foundation to conduct a series of…  

Simple initiative quenches thirst and brings life back

Like many other villages in the Yemeni countryside, Al-Hamami village lacked basic services – including access to clean drinking water. The situation improved slightly during the rainy season, when…  

Female entrepreneurs establish a successful kindergarten

, “We are working towards upgrading the kindergarten to a private primary and secondary school and our staff are excited to pursue their academic career in it too.”  

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