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Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen

The project helps rural people and communities in Yemen to better cope with crises, risks and shocks.  

EU helps enable access to healthcare for women and children

Al Hawta District, Lahj Governorate: In response to community needs, the rehabilitation of the maternity and childhood healthcare and storage facility began in October 2018 and was recently completed.  

Social Protection for Community Resilience

The project is expected to improve household incomes; restore basic healthcare facilities; strengthen psycho-social assistance; and equip local authorities to plan, coordinate and monitor priority…  

Livelihood Impact Assessment 2019

This report provides an assessment of the impacts of the micro-businesses supported under the Enhanced Rural Resilience Programme in Yemen (ERRY) implemented by UNDP and partners, and supported by the…  

Local Governance and Social Cohesion Interventions Impact Assessment 2019

This report presents the results of an assessment of the local governance and social cohesion interventions under the Enhanced Rural Resilience in Yemen (ERRY) Programme in Abyan, Hajja, Hodiedah and…  

Livelihood Intervention Impact

Income-generating revenues are created through enterprise recovery targeting communities affected by the crisis (3x6 approach).  

Local Governance Intervention Impact

Inclusive community-based governance system is strengthened to develop community resilience plans and community prioritized actions identified and supported.  

Solar Energy Intervention Impact

Communities benefit from solar energy for sustainable livelihoods opportunities.  

Social Cohesion Intervention Impact

Informal networks promote social cohesion through community dialogue and delivery of services.  

Paid work strengthens families and restores dignity

Participants from 526 have been trained and are now earning enough to meet the needs of their families – effectively improving the lives of a about 3,600 people  

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