YECRP: A story of restored hope for Yemeni people

In response to the devastating crisis, the World Bank has funded and supported the USD $300 million Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in…  

Through KSA and UAE funding, UNDP provides life-changing programming

In March 2018, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates provided USD $930 million in support of the 2018 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP). The funds represent nearly one-third…  

UNDP and the World Bank: Together breaking the binds of conflict and poverty in Yemen

Together, UNDP and the World Bank partnered to launch the unique Yemen Emergency Crisis Response Project (YERCP) – a project that effectively responds to the unprecedented needs of the Yemenis,…  

2017: UNDP continued strengthening Yemeni community resilience

Yemen is facing an unprecedented political, humanitarian, and development crisis. Yemen’s post-Arab Spring transition did not conclude peacefully and spiraled into a full-blown war in March 2015.  

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