“Some people lose their lives just because they can’t afford their medical treatment,”
The rainwater harvesting reservoirs project comes as part of the EU-funded and supported Social Protection for Community Resilience Project (SPCRP) to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in partnership with UN Development Programme (UNDP) to support 317 households in Bani Al-Awwam district alone.
Water Reservoir in Arrah village, in Amran, Providing Clean Water, Preventing Diseases and Protecting Lives. Funded & Supported by World Bank Implemented by Public Works Project in Yemen
Embraced by the mountains of Sharess district, the village of Al-Qaranat, is a typical countryside that is beautiful, quiet and remote, but like most Yemeni villages, it lacked necessary basic services, until its people took matters into their own hands.
Mohammed is one of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni youth struggling to find jobs. Besides being the poorest country in the Middle East with the unemployment rate standing at 31 percent, the ongoing conflict has further worsened an already dire economic condition and pushed youth into despair.
Aden, Yemen - UNDP Yemen, in partnership with Oxfam, is conducting a series of Community Protection workshop for 300 beneficiaries from the targeted districts of Craiter, Attawahi and Mualla in Aden with the funding support from Government of Japan.
Yemen along with its people have been suffering from a tragedy of a war that seems to be everlasting. Obviously, this war has left a tremendous impact on Yemenis quality of life, and definition of basic needs. Many have lost their jobs and lives while many others have been agonized due epidemics and diseases that have widespread since 2016. Devastating situation has also left a catastrophic impacts on the education in the country. Kids are demotivated to go to far away schools under burning sun. People not getting salaries just adds insults to injuries; malnutrition, poverty, and lack of basic needs has made life so intolerable.

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