Auke in Aden
UNDP Country Director Mr Auke Lootsma visits debris management projects in Aden and meet key decision makers

Aden, 23 March 2017: The war in Yemen has generated a dire humanitarian situation with massive destruction to the country’s public and private buildings. Debris has accumulated, sometimes with hazardous explosive remnants of war (ERWs) under the rubble and their accumulation is one among many obstacles in the...

Paving the road for safer access in Alkhaisheen-Lahj

Funded by the World Bank, UNDP has partnered with the Public Works Project (PWP) under the Emergency Crisis Response Project (ECRP) to rehabilitate community infrastructure and assets to benefit crisis-affected communities from temporary income through labor intensive activities.

‘Our Home cannot be the Battleground!’ – Women-led initiative to prevent violence

During International Women Day and with sponsership of UN Women- HQ, Nusaibah was rewarded for her community initiative by Leadership Development Foundation. During the Advanced Training of Trainers on conflict resolution and mediation jointly conducted by UNDP Yemen and Partners Yemen in Lahj governorate,...

Families of Alaqamah starting their own businesses

Killed and displaced of their homes, families of Alaqamah, Mawza’a district, Ta’iz, have borne the brunt of the conflict reached to their village since early 2016. The conflict caused residents of Alaqamah to flee to neighboring areas without any shelter and protection. It is estimated that the rate of employment...

Conflict Scans
Enhancing Social Cohesion and Resilience through Insider Mediators in Al-Hodeidah

In partnership with Search for Common Ground and during the period 22 December 2016 - 9 January 2017, two conflict scans have been conducted in the districts of Zabeed and Bait Al-Faqeeh in Al-Hodeidah. The objective of the conflict scans is to identify the main local-level conflict issues, and identify conflict...

Supporting Internal Displaced Persons in war-torn areas in Yemen

Since the failure of political dialogue process in September 2014 followed by an intensive military conflicts in number of governorates including Aden, triggered a comprehensive civil war in March 2015, which was sequentially followed by the launching of the military operations by the Arab Force Coalition that further...

Promoting economic self-reliance of women in war-torn Yemen

In the conflict-affected district of Craiter in Aden City, 160 women between the ages of 18 to 50 completed a UNDP emergency employment programme generating a total of 10,560 work-days. Between July and November 2016, UNDP selected women most in need. The final beneficiaries participated to clear debris and solid waste from streets, schools and public institutions in Craiter, an area that witnessed heavy fighting during 2015.

Building Capacity of Local NGOs to Respond to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis and Improve Service Delivery in Conflict Affected Communities: Training of Trainers (TOT)

Funded by United Nations Peace Building Fund (UNPBF) and in cooperation with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Humanitarian Forum Yemen (YHF) has concluded Training of Trainers (TOT) course on Humanitarian Competencies, Conflict Resolution, and Early Recovery to build the capacity of local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Socotra's Information Center: Biodiversity Conservation and Sharing Benefits

The Socotra Archipelago, an island in the Arabian Sea, is a prime center of unique biodiversity. It is historically renown by its rare and spectacular plants. Only Socotra can give you a magic view of the dragon trees (locally known as blood tree), frankincense trees, desert roses…etc. that characterize its...

UNDP and the Government of Japan support removal of debris and rubble in Aden

Aden, 9 June 2016 – UNDP and the Government of Japan launch the support to the local authorities to remove debris and rubble from Aden City. According to satellite imagery commissioned by UNDP in 2015 and other partial surveys conducted by humanitarian and development partners across targeted cities in Yemen,...

UNDP supports improving livelihoods of rural communities & conservation of biodiversity in Socotra Archipelago

UNDP launched last week thirteen community projects to improve the livelihoods of rural communities, conserve the biodiversity of Socotra Archipelago and mitigate the impacts of Chapala and Meg cyclones that hit the island last year. The launching ceremony was attended by Socotra Governor, representatives of local council and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Statement for Administrator for International Women’s Day 2016

This International Women’s Day, the world stands well positioned to move forward on gender equality.

Launch of Emergency Solid Waste Management Assistance in Taizz

UNDP launched an emergency solid waste management response targeting the districts of Salh, Al Qahirah and Al Mudhaffar in Taizz Governorate. This assistance will provide emergency employment opportunity for 30 work days to 250 vulnerable youth at risk, 195 men and 55 women, and restore disrupted solid waste removal services. The intervention will also strengthen the operational capacity of the Cleanliness Fund by rehabilitating its fleet through the provision of spare parts and tools.