Korea shares award-winning ‘Clean Construction System’ with Ukraine

Jul 15, 2016

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Mayor of Seoul, Mr Won-soon Park, and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Mr Volodymyr Omelyan, affirming their mutual interest in sharing Korea’s experiences on enhancing efficient and transparent public construction management with Ukraine. (photos : UNDP)

Korean authorities brief Ukrainian governments on the benefits, best implementation practices and lessons learnt from their award-winning Clean Construction System for efficient and transparent public administration, with a view to support reform and accountibility in the public construction sector of Ukraine. 

15 July 2016, Kyiv —  Some 100 officials from the Ukrainian Government as well as key policy and business stakeholders working on open data and construction sector management reforms, were briefed yesterday by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) of the Republic of Korea, as it shared experiences and lessons learnt from its  Clean Construction System (CCS), an effective technological and institutional approach, which enhances transparency, efficiency, and the protection of construction workers’ rights in the public construction sector.

Organized in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine and the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC), the workshop meets Ukrainian authorities’ need for best practices that increase transparency and accountability in the construction sector, as part of the ongoing reform process.

Introduced in Korea in 2011, the CCS has been implemented by relying solely on continuous advocacy, training and demonstration to users of its practical benefits, as a legislation-based approach may have delayed the reform process.  It won the prestigious UN Public Service Award in 2013, in recognition of its innovation and potential for application in other countries.

“With the strong leadership of the Minister of Infrastructure and the dedication of all relevant government institutions and citizens, I have no doubt that Ukraine will succeed in making public construction more efficient and transparent, thereby accelerating its economic and social development even further,” said the Mayor of Seoul, Mr. Park Won-soon, in his congratulatory remarks delivered through a video message.

“I believe this workshop is a positive example of how triangular development cooperation involving the Seoul Government, with the right ‘match-making’ by UNDP can make a difference for our partner countries, meeting the country demand and creating an impact, together,” stated Dr. Balazs Horvath, Director of the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre.

A substantive and technical description of Seoul’s One Project Management Information System (One-PMIS) also demonstrated to workshop participants the systematic and effective real-time management of public construction projects, about 90% of which is automatically transmitted to the Construction Information Disclosure System (“Allimi”) for public access.

To date, the CSS’ Allimi has disclosed information on 2,600 public construction projects in Seoul. In 2015 alone, some 164,419 people used the Allimi website, while another 5,867 people accessed the information via the mobile application.

The Seoul Delegation also shared the overall lessons learnt and policy recommendations  to enhance  transparency in the public construction sector included, while Ukrainian stakeholders provided an overview of their current initiatives in open data and transparency and discussed the way forward in Ukraine, both at national and sub-national levels, including open data development roadmap and potential ways to apply the CCS to the Ukrainian context.

Today, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Mayor of Seoul, Mr Won-soon Park, and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Mr Volodymyr Omelyan, affirming their mutual interest in sharing Korea’s experiences on enhancing efficient and transparent public construction management with Ukraine.

"The Ministry of Infrastructure is currently engaged in implementing IT into the State Road Agency of Ukraine. It is planned to launch the ERP system for automation and transparency of all processes that take place in the agency. It will help switch from the Soviet standards of processing data on paper. There is the political will of Volodymyr Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure, and his team. I am very pleased that Korean colleagues come to share their experience in IT and road industry," said Dmytro Romenskyi, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine - Chief of Staff.

He also emphasized that the workshop is an important event in terms of Ukrainian-Korean cooperation. "We hope that the workshop will be the first step towards a fruitful and successful bilateral cooperation," he said.

The advisory mission to Ukraine is part of USPC’s Development Solutions Partnership (DSP) on Open Data and Public Construction Management for efficiency, transparency and integrity in the public construction sector initiated in 2014 and utilizes a triangular development cooperation modality involving UNDP, Korea, and Ukraine, with USPC and UNDP Ukraine as a “translator” and facilitator of knowledge sharing and application of Korea’s approaches to public construction management.

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