Nepal Leaps Forward in Climate Finance Visibility

17 Aug 2017 by by Suren Poghosyan, Governance and Public Finance Specialist, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

Nepal is truly leading the way in climate finance. This is a hugely significant step forward for transparency and accountability in Nepal and is critical in a region so vulnerable to the effects of climate change.
On a recent trip to Nepal, I suddenly found myself in a moment in which one simple action represented a critical step forward for accountability and action in addressing the challenges of climate change. … Read more

How your daily choices can help build peace

12 Aug 2017

When we think of peace building, we usually think about countries that are currently at war or that have recently emerged from conflict. But in fact building peace is something that must happen continuously and in all countries. … Read more

How Information and communication technologies help to eradicate poverty

24 Jul 2017 by Haoliang Xu

Photo credit: ICT Discovery
Governments in the Asia-Pacific region have long-recognised the benefits of ICTs and many have encouraged investments in ICT infrastructure resulting into higher internet connectivity. … Read more

Why there should have been cake at this year’s UN High Level Political Forum

20 Jul 2017 by Hannie Meesters, Policy Specialist at UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

I was pregnant with my first child at the time it was created. Maybe that is why it still feels a little like “my baby”. And why I am so excited to see it grow and become a forum that attracts so much attention on its fifth birthday. I’m talking about the High Level Political Forum, which just finished in New York this week. A Forum with an ambitious title that is the main global gathering on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But one that is starting to live up to its name. 44 countries volunteered to present at the Forum on how they are doing in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development this year. That’s double the number from last year. And between them you will find some very strong reports. Countries that are not only showcasing their achievement but that also talk about their lessons and areas for improvement. The energy at the Forum is very encouraging. Because this Forum has so much riding on it. It is the main global body for accountability for the 2030 Agenda. Here, governments are held to account for what they have done to eradicate poverty and reduce … Read more

Why Women Work

12 Jul 2017 by Koh Miyaoi, Gender Advisor, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

  “Because I get money that I can decide how to spend.” A young school teacher in Chitwan District in Nepal was chatting to me about some of the reasons she’s participating in UNDP-supported trainings for micro-entrepreneurs. She said she was making a profit, but she didn’t have anything particular in mind to buy with that money. She’d invest her profits in expanding her business, she said. For her, the fact that she didn’t have to consult anyone how to spend the money she earned was a good enough reason to continue this initiative. Work isn’t just about earning money. Work is about gaining self-confidence, gaining respect and recognition, and having a role in public life. That sense of empowerment a woman can experience from having her ‘own money’ resonated with me. I’ve heard it from so many women, including my own mother. My mother started working again after she gave birth to two children, because she wanted to be able to make and act on her own choices. She did not see why she should have to consult her husband every time she needed money. Regardless of how a family handles its finances, in the modern world, not having one’s own income makes … Read more