Global Knowledge Exchange

Technical Dialogues, Workshops and Webinars

Global NDC Conference in Berlin 2017. Photo: UNDP | Katharina DavisGlobal NDC Conference in Berlin 2017. Photo: UNDP | Katharina Davis


On the global or regional level

Complex problems require extensive collaboration, people with deep understanding of the challenges and champions with the courage to pursue transformational actions. Building on UNDP’s convening expertise and global footprint, our programme fosters the sharing of technical information and country-level experiences among governments, the private sector, partner organizations, and networks.

A critical part in this process is support for peer-to-peer exchanges to strengthen local learning capacities. These exchanges, which occur through global or regional dialogues, workshops, consultations or webinars, have informed countries and partners alike on how to address climate change. This resulted, for example, in cross-country field trips and working groups, as well as the production from technical guidance documents based on the input of developing countries


On the national level

UNDP NDC Support Programme helps countries advance climate action by promoting consultations, workshops and partnerships on the country-level to explore the specific linkages between (sub)national climate change actions and sustainable development. More recently, our programme has been working with countries to ensure that implementation plans for NDCs are effectively linked with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These exchanges help build a common vision and commitment to address climate change among political leadership, economic decision-makers and policy makers. They also help convene stakeholders from a broad set of ministries and issue areas to develop an integrated approach.


Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Exchange Events


Global and Regional Dialogues and Workshops

UNDP NDC Support Programme, together with the UNFCCC and other partners, conducted 12 INDC dialogues and workshops in the run up of the Paris Agreement. The dialogues, which were attended by 100+ countries, informed the development of a technical INDC guidance document, while raising capacities to develop such national climate plans. Post-Paris, a new series of global and regional dialogues are taking place to discuss practical steps for NDC implementation.


Country-Level Workshops and Technical Trainings

UNDP NDC Support Programme, together with partners, has been collaborating with countries on advancing technical skills among ministries, private sector entities, the academia and other key stakeholders to undertake climate action on the legislative, policy and project level.


Consultations (Online)

UNDP NDC Support Programme, in collaboration with UNFCCC, UNEP-DTU and the World Resource Institute, has launched an extensive e-discussion on NDC implementation. The purpose is to engage stakeholders, practitioners, experts and policy-makers across the globe in a dialogue to capture experiences on NDC implementation and gather feedback to guide the development of the forthcoming NDC guidance.



Building on insights from country experiences, UNDP NDC Support Programme frequently hosts webinars on select issues to exchange best practices and lessons learned in a given area. Those webinars are often run with the programme’s long-standing partners and have country representatives discuss directly their experiences.



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