EU - UNDP partnership in the field

Here you will find some stories from the field to illustrate the partnership of UNDP and EU in the area of Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding.

  • Aisha fled with her husband and their five children from the devastating conditions in Aleppo and took refuge at a shelter in Tartous governorate, Syria. At the beginning, Aisha and her family lived in a very small room that they barely fit in and their living conditions were devastating.

  • Sep 2, 2016

    Christina Pavlou Solomi Patsia is a former Greek Cypriot resident of the Komi Kebir/Buyukkonuk village, where UNDP recently finished restoring the Agios Afksentios Church.

  • Jul 24, 2015

    Village Courts, an initiative adopted by the Bangladesh government with support from UNDP and funding from the EU, have reduced the time, expenses and hassle that plaintiffs often associate with the conventional courts system.

  • Jul 24, 2015

    Social exclusion has been recognized by the Government of Montenegro as one of major societal challenges, and its eradication has been made one of key priorities. With an aim to facilitate access of vulnerable, socially excluded groups to comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable family and community based services, the UNDP partnered with UNICEF, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and Ministry of Education and Sports for the project “Social Welfare and Child Care Reform – Enhancing Social Inclusion“, financed by the EU.

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